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No Way: For the Spiritually "Advanced" by Wayne Liquorman

You use your mind as
The ultimate jigsaw.
You take Totality
And cut it up
Into a million tiny pieces.

Having tired of that game.
You sit down and try to
Reassemble this jumble of pieces
Into something comprehensible.

Ram Tzu knows...
God invented time
Just so you could do this.


Ram Tzu knows this -
You are perfect.
Your every defect
is perfectly defined.
Your every blemish
is perfectly placed.
Your every absurd action
is perfectly timed.

Only God could make
Something this ridiculous


Ram Tzu knows this …

The Truth is unspeakable.
It can only be pointed at.

The more elaborate and ornate
The sign post
The more easily do you
Mistake it for the destination.

Except for you
Oh so spiritual ascetics.

For you …
The plainer and simpler
The sign post
The more easily do you
Mistake it for the destination.

You believe in free will.
You believe you make yourself sick.
You believe you choose your own parents.
You believe you can control your dreams.
You believe you can take charge of your life.
You believe there is a child within that you can heal.
You believe you have the power of prayer.
You believe that you can make a difference.
You believe your pain is your fault.
You believe you can do better.
You believe you are responsible.
You believe all sorts of shit.

Ram Tzu knows this-
When God wants you to do something
You believe it's your own idea.


You believe in creative visualization.
But you can only extrapolate
From what you've already seen.
You can't visualize Peace -
Only the absence of turmoil.
You can't visualize Wholeness -
Only the absence of fragmentation.
You can't visualize Harmony -
Only the absence of discord.
You can't visualize Love -
Only the absence of hate.
You can't visualize Joy -
Only the absence of sorrow.

Ram Tzu knows this...
There are can be
But when you are not there.


Ram Tzu knows this...

Your very best thinking
Got you into this mess.

What obstructs
Your view of the truth
Is all that you know,
All that you hold sacred.

If you wish to truly
See the sunlight
Dance on the leaves
You must have
Clean windows.

Ram Tzu asks...
Who does windows?


Ram Tzu hears it all the time...
You had a profound, revealing,
Deeply moving spiritual experience.
Now you're hooked.
Now you want more.
Now you're a seeker.
No junkie has ever been more dedicated
Or more continually disappointed
Or more miserable.
Once, you might have been satisfied
With a new car
Or a loving mate.
Now you will settle for nothing less
Than union with God.

Ram Tzu knows this...
You're fucked.


Every time
You find an answer,
The question
No longer seems important.


You clever ones
Go looking
For a Master
In a cave
In the Himalayas
Or in the forests
Of Thailand.

If you're less clever
You'll look for him
Somewhere comfortable
Like Ashland, Sedona,
Santa Fe or Santa Cruz.

Wouldn't you be surprised
To learn that
All this time
He was sitting behind a desk
In your bank?

Ram Tzu knows this:

You require your sages
To be in proper uniform.


You want your purveyors of Truth
To look and act special.

You want them different
And separate
And powerful.

You prefer to imagine them
Cloaked in light
Than sitting on the toilet.

You like them passionless, sexless,
Mellow, gentle and kind.

You like the idea of miracles
And will invent them when necessary.

Your strategy is to keep them
Out there
Far away from you
Exotic and mysterious.

You revel in the myth
Of the Enlightened individual
Hoping to someday be so empowered.

What you can't tolerate
Is for them to appear
As ordinary as you.

Ram Tzu knows this…
You always miss the Truth
Because it is too plain to see.


Ram Tzu knows this. . .
You have tasted ecstasy
Drunk deeply of its nectar.

So you embrace it
Or reject it.

What does it matter?

Addict or ascetic
You are caught in the web
Of your own ego.

The harder you struggle
The more surely you call the spider.


Ram Tzu knows this…
There is a hole
Inside you that
You try desperately
To fill up.

You pour in
Various satisfactions
To make yourself
Feel alright.

If you can get enough,
The hole fills to the brim
And there is a
Blissful moment of evenness.

But your hole is open
At the bottom.
Its contents always leak through
Leaving you empty
And desperate
For more.

Ram Tzu knows what must be done…
You must be thrown in the hole.


Ram Tzu knows this...

You are caught
In a web of beliefs.
You spin them from
Your own abdomen
They are made from
The substance of your self.

You believe in
Your own power.

You consider yourself
The Source.
Even though
When under duress
You pay lip service
To an all powerful God.

You believe in
The supremacy of technique.

You are convinced that if
You can but manage...

Your mind
Your money
Your breath
Your energy
Your body
Your faith
Your relationships
Your prayers

You will unlock the door
To peace, happiness and contentment.

Guess again.

You're a mileage Plus seeker...

You go to Bali
To eat purple mushrooms
That grow out of sacred cow shit.

You go to Mexico
To eat cactus buttons
With ancient medicine men.

You go to the Amazon
To snort tree bark
With the primitives.

You go to Africa
To smoke spiritual weed
With witch-doctors.

You cavort with spirits
You see God
You become One with the Universe.

Ram Tzu has a question for you...

Why do you keep buying
Round trip tickets?


You like the idea of
Being on a journey.

You like the idea
That you're going somewhere.

You think
If you're going somewhere
You might get somewhere.

You're seduced by
The prospect of progress.

It's a measure of your discontent.

Ram Tzu knows this. . .

You can't get here
From there.

You think
Ram Tzu is talking
About someone else.


Такой одyхотвоpенный.
Ты пpезиpаешь силy политической власти.
Такой стоpонник pавенства.
Ты отвеpгаешь силy экономической власти.
Такой миpолюбивый.
Тебе отвpатительна сила военной власти.
Ты ценишь силy энеpгии ци,
Мощь кyндалини,
Силy молитвы и
Силy позитивного мышления.
Ты полагаешь, есть pазница...
Рам Цзы знает...
Эго нyждается в топливе.

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